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Mutual fund fees and expenses · Sales loads · Redemption fee · Purchase fee · Exchange fee · Account fee · Management fees · Distribution [and/or service] (12b-1) fees. management fee: the fee paid to the fund's manager for supervising the administration of the fund. management expense ratio (MER): total expenses expressed as. Each investment choice has a cost, and as an investor in mutual funds you have many options about how to pay these costs. No matter what investment you choose—.

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A transaction fee of Rs. for new investors and Rs. for existing investors, can be charged on investments worth Rs. 10, and above. For SIP investments. There are costs to owning any type of any financial product, be it insurance, a deposit account, securities or an investment fund. Of all of these products. Keywords: Socially responsible investment; Mutual fund fees; Mutual fund mutual fund net financial performance: before-fee performance and fees.

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And ETFs do not have 12b-1 fees. That said, according to Morningstar, the average ETF expense ratio in was %, compared with the average expense ratio. While they are commonly referred to as fees, mutual funds charge investors what is called an "expense ratio" as payment for managing the fund. The fees charged by mutual funds can considerably impact total return and should be carefully analyzed by investors. All funds charge investors some degree.