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Until the program was suspended in January , the IRS had implemented rules requiring that certain individuals who wanted to work as tax return preparers. Sample Questions for the Registered Tax Return Preparer Test. Select the single best answer for each question. 1. For purposes of the Earned Income Credit. We are happy to provide the most common questions and answers we receive about the Tax What do I do to become a registered Tax Preparer in California?

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notes for each scenario carefully and use your training and resource materials to answer the questions after the scenarios. Test Scenario 1: Tamara Dennison. The IRS specifications for the competency test individuals must pass to become a Registered Tax Return Preparer identify the major topics that will be. 2. If using a tax preparer to prepare your taxes, what is one thing you must do before your tax preparer files your taxes? · Calculate the number of exemptions.

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Seven (7) hours of other federal tax law topics; Two (2) hours of ethics Passed the Registered Tax Return Preparer test (November — January ). The IRS requires a question exam over the contents of the Annual Federal Tax Refresher course (only). You take the exam online, any time after you attend. Depending on your score, you could test out of our income tax course and be on comply with ethical and due diligence obligations for paid tax preparers.