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1. Equip Your Home with Energy Star Appliances · 2. Install a Low-Flow Toilet · 3. Light Up Your Eco-Friendly House with LED Light Bulbs · 4. Reduce Your Water. Build a smaller home for a smaller eco-footprint. · Orient your home to take advantage of sun and wind. · Install energy- and water-efficient appliances. · Include. 2) Regulate Passive Solar Heating by Season · 3) Design a Compact Layout · 4) Insulate Your Home Properly · 5) Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors · 6) Energy-.

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How to Build an Eco-Friendly Custom Home · Ask Your Building Team About Their Energy Audit Process · Ask About Products and Materials Used in Your Home · Ask to. Eco-friendly homes, otherwise known as green homes, are built with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly materials and designs. Green home designs help. It seems everyone is talking about “green” homes these days, but at Chryssa Wolfe with Hanlon Design Build, we created eco-friendly homes long before the.

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The Scope of the Green Home Market · Incorporating Green Home Building Ideas · Build Smaller · Go Solar · Cool Your Roof · Harness Geothermal Power · Rely on. One primary goal of going green is to save money. Eco-friendly homes consume less energy, or use alternative renewable energy, which helps both the planet and. Save costs on cooling your home by strategically building it under shade-providing trees, which will block heat from pounding on your home all day long. Use.