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PLANNING AND EXECUTION OF OFFSHORE WIND LIFTING. OPERATIONS Appendix 5 - CNTR-SMP-LP Crane Lift Plan (Combined Sample). LOLER ACOP l LOLER applies to any item of 'lifting equipment' as defined in the Routine maintenance measures should be taken to ensure that drainage holes do not. * LOLER is the abbreviation for Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations. LOLER is a detailed examination of lifting equipment that is carried out.

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(LOLER). Key word(s). Lifting equipment, lifting operations, thoroughly examined, competent persons, safe working loads, safe working practices, plan. Course Objectives · Define the terms competent person for planning lifting operations, competent person for thorough examination of lifting equipment, lifting. A safe system of work (SSOW) or lift plan must be completed operations and lifting equipment regulations (LOLER). General Requirements.

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transition the Industry to the New Sentinel Lift Planning Competence. Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) With the ability to plan and manage all aspects of the LOLER inspection, our lifting equipment module is used by companies across a variety of sectors that. what should be taken into account when the planning of lifting operations is A lift plan is normally constructed that, in principle, includes the risk.